Coosa River Flathead Record Broken Again

More anglers beginning to target these giant Appaloosa catfish.

Jordan Davis | September 21, 2015

Aaron Churchwell, of Rome, caught a fish of a lifetime on Sept. 16. While fishing the Coosa River, Aaron landed a record-setting flathead catfish that weighed 46-lbs., 6.4-ozs.

“I caught it from the bank,” said Aaron, who does some guiding on the river. “We cut a trail to that spot not too long ago. It was only the second time we’d fished there.”

This is the second time in recent months the Coosa River flathead record has been broken.

WRD Fisheries Biologist Jim Hakala thinks perhaps it is just coincidence on the Coosa, unlike on other river systems and lakes where flatheads are relatively new and records are being broken regularly.

Aaron Churchwell, of Rome, has the new Coosa River flathead catfish record with this fish that weighed 46-lbs., 6.4-ozs.

“The flathead is native to the Coosa River, so I don’t think there is anything biologically happening,” said Jim.

The monster, measuring 45 inches long, was caught using live bait on a baitcasting reel.

“I think people are just getting out more, people know about these huge catfish, people want the record,” said Jim. “I think fishermen are just becoming more interested in catching these flatheads.”

Tim Peppers, a guide on the Coosa, Carters and Allatoona, had the record before Aaron broke it. Tim’s fished weighed 41-lbs., 9.6-ozs.

“I run a guide service in northwest Georgia, and we’ve caught many big blue catfish, but normally flatheads are in the 30-lb. range,” said Aaron.

Aaron said his record catfish was officially weighed, certified, and then released.

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