$10,000 Donation, Plus a Great Day Fishing

Marietta Bassmasters continues its 12-year support of special kids and amazing families.

Steve Burch | June 29, 2011

Kids fished under the helpful eyes of Marietta Bassmasters members on a great private lake near Loganville.

The Marietta Bassmasters club has always helped with a special community project. For the past 12 years, that program has consisted of a day’s fishing at a private lake near Loganville for children suffering with brain tumors. Two Saturday’s ago, the annual event was held under perfect conditions, and more than 150 kids and their families again gathered for the fun, fishing, fine eating and fellowship.

Kids didn’t need to bring anything. Rods, reels, bait, hooks, bobbers, sunscreen, food and drinks were all supplied. And the fishing was fabulous. The fishing stories were as varied as the kids. In one instance, this was a child’s first day out of the hospital in 10 months. Still wheelchair-bound, he caught about a 4-lb. bass. Smiles do not come any wider than his.

In a sadder, but equally poignant moment, a tree at the lakeside was dedicated for a child who had enjoyed these outings for a number of years, but who did not win his battle with cancer. His family came back for the dedication but also to continue to support a program that meant so much to their son, and to them.

When the program began, the Marietta Bassmasters simply funded the event. Over the years, their work has attracted partners, and today the event is able to donate $10,000 to the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.

Mary Moore, the executive director of the foundation, said brain tumors were the form of cancer most likely to be fatal to children.

“A brain tumor diagnosis in a child means the mother is simply home looking after that child. We are here to support the family, and the Marietta Bassmasters helps us so much,” she said.

They also remembered past friends during the annual event.

When not fishing, everyone enjoyed hot dogs, burgers and chicken filets.

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