West Point Fishing Report June 2015

GON Staff | May 28, 2015

West Point: Level: 1.1 feet below full pool. Temp: 79-83 degrees. Clarity: Mostly clear down the lake; the river is lightly stained to around the 219 bridge.

Good. Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Shallow-water baits such as unweighted Trick Worms, flukes, Senkos and frogs are working right now. Postspawn females are being caught in shallow water as they guard their fry. Zoom lizards on a Carolina rig will also work well when the largemouth are on guard. Another good pattern is to fish a jig ’n pig around trees. Most creeks seem to be producing. The shad spawn has been very sparse lately, so don’t expect that pattern to pay off. The spotted bass are still biting quite well. Carolina-rigged finesse worms or a Tommy Head rigged with a Zoom Shakey Head worm are good choices for these somewhat deeper fish. Try fishing blowdowns, gravel banks or shoal markers. Usually when you catch one, there are others in the same area.”

Linesides: Excellent. Keith Hudson reports, “Huge numbers of fish are back down on the main lake already. Downlining with shad or bass shiners is effective right now. Freelining a live bait will also work at times. The mouths of Maple, Wehadkee and White Water creeks should continue producing some fish. Expect the topwater fishing to be best very early and very late or on overcast days. Keep a popping cork rig ready. Trolling with mid-depth crankbaits and Alabama Rigs has also been producing some in these same areas.”

Fair. Keith reports, “Most of the fish have spawned out. Very few beds can still be found. Wehadkee, Veasey and Yellow Jacket creeks are still producing some fish. Try fishing the smallest minnows you can find or a 1/16-oz. jig around brushpiles and blowdowns in 10 to 15 of water. Concentrate on trees and brush that are close to the old creek channels. Pitching with small tube or feather-tail jigs around or under docks is also a good technique on post spawn fish. The night fishing should really pick up soon.”

Good for bluegill and shellcrackers. “These are the overlooked fish of West Point,” Keith Hudson said. “May is the month to catch bedding bream. Fish with crickets and worms in the backs of pockets. When you find a bed, you can limit out quick. Look for the beds around stumps or on sandy flats in the back of shallow pockets.”

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