Lake Lanier Fishing Report July 2011

GON Staff | June 29, 2011

Lanier: Level: 2.1 feet below full pool. Temp: Low 80s. Clarity: Clear.

Fair. Billy Boothe said the ledge bite is producing pretty good and should continue into July. “Look for river or creek ledges in 15 to 25 feet of water that have isolated cover such as stumps or brush. I’m cranking a Mann’s 20 Plus in grey ghost and gold digger and trying to deflect it off of anything on the bottom to get a reaction strike,” Billy said. “If the crankbait isn’t producing or it’s a deeper ledge, slow down with a Texas-rigged, junebug-colored 9-inch Mann’s HardNose worm or yo-yo a 1/2-oz. blue-and-white Mann’s Little George down the drop. On rainy days, there is a decent shallow bite if you cover enough water. Put the trolling motor on high, and burn a black Revenge buzzbait or a grey-ghost Mann’s Baby One Minus around docks, lay downs and weeds. The flipping bite has been off, so when the sun is out and I’m skipping docks or targeting laydowns, I’ve had the best luck with a green-pumpkin Mann’s finesse worm on a 3/16-oz. jig head.”

Stripers: Excellent. Guide Shane Watson reports, “Our boats have enjoyed great striper fishing on downlined bluebacks fished 25 to 35 feet deep over a 35- to 60-foot bottom. We are still seeing a good mix of stripers and spots on Spro Dawgs, Sammys and Spooks early each morning. These fish have been up busting on and around points and humps. U-rigs are also working well. Our boats are catching stripers in the mouths to the middle of creeks and on the main lake. The stripers are really bunching up well and will black out your screen. Most of the time they will bend all four rods at the same time when they are thick under your boat. If you are getting window shopped while downlining and the fish are on the screen, change your bait frequently and start letting your bait all the way to the bottom and slowly wind it up to the surface. Keep doing this while they are on the screen. Some days they really like the bait moving up and down. Overall, the striper fishing has been great over the last two weeks. We are moving into the heart of the summer and can expect great fishing most days from now through October.” Guide Clay Cunningham said the next 10 weeks are the peak of the year on Lanier. “The striper fishing is on fire on Lake Lanier. Be sure to take as many herring as you can stuff in your bait tank, or you will be going home early. Over the last few days, the fish have really pulled out over the deep water where they supposed to be this time of year. We have seen some really good schools of fish this week where you can catch some good numbers. The standard downline with a 1 1/2-oz. swivel sinker, a 7-foot leader and a 2/0 Mustad Octopus hook is about all you need most days. While you are looking for the schools of fish on your Lowrance, leadcore out eight colors with a 2-oz. Chipmunk tipped with a 4-inch white-shad body is the way to go. With each passing week, look farther and farther down the lake where the water is colder and deeper.”

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