High School Senior Breaks Lanier Carp Record

Mike Bolton | March 26, 2024

Charlie White with the new Lake Lanier carp record.

One of the keys to being a good fisherman is being observant. North Hall High School senior Charlie White was fishing for bass off his grandparent’s dock on Lake Lanier when he noticed a change.

“My grandparents have one of those green lights in the water off their pier, and I noticed that the bass had just disappeared,” he said. “I looked down there and saw a carp. I knew the carp were moving in.”

Charlie removed the bass lure from his Penn rod and tossed some whole kernel corn into the water. He put a hook at the end of his 15-lb. test line and attached a sing kernel of corn. A big carp took the bait immediately.

“I knew right off the bat it was a big carp,” he said. “I didn’t know exactly how big until I weighed it.”

Finding a place to weigh it on certified scales at night presented a problem. He took the carp and put it in a big bait tank until he could finally weigh it the following day. On certified scales it weighed 19-lbs., 9.6-ozs., a Lake Lanier record.

“I’ve caught way bigger fish, but not on Lake Lanier,” he said. “When my classmates heard that I had set a record, they thought it was pretty cool.”

Charlie says he hopes to break his own record when he finds time. He works every day after school on a ranch.

Official Lake Lanier Record Fish

Largemouth Bass17-lbs., 9-ozs.Emory Dunahoo12/19/65
Spotted Bass8-lbs., 0.5-ozs.Patrick Bankston05/20/85
Striped Bass47-lbs., 12-ozs.Ward Schanhals04/03/10
Hybrid Bass12-lbs.Fred Duncan12/22/92
White Bass5-lbs., 1-oz.*J.M. Hobbins06/16/71
Shoal Bass5-lbs., 5-ozs.Peter T. Thliveros12/01/94
White Crappie3-lbs., 2-ozs.Bill Fretwell04/17/91
Black Crappie3-lbs., 5-ozs.Chris Williams10/06/06
Walleye8-lbs., 9-ozs.Buddy Wade 01/20/13
Bluegill1-lb., 2-ozs.Mrs. Pat Johnson06/03/79
Yellow Perch1-lb., 8-ozs.Jeff Howard02/02/90
Shellcracker1-lb., 9.44-ozs.Michael Madryga12/12/21
Rainbow Trout9-lbs., 6-ozs.Brooke Wheeler03/02/19
Brown Trout6-lbs.Tim Wyatt04/24/04
Flathead Catfish
51-lbs., 10-ozs.
Rodney Stephens
Channel Catfish22-lbs., 8-ozs.Robert Hancock09/28/11
Longnose Gar30-lbs., 13-ozs.Gerald Kennedy09/04/13
Common Carp19-lbs., 9.6-ozs.Charlie White03/17/24
Blue Catfish15-lbs., 8.8-ozs.Matthew Haynes04/09/23

Catch A Lake or River Record? Requirements For Record Fish

• Fish must be caught legally by rod and reel in a manner consistent with WRD fish regulations.

• Catch must be weighed on accurate Georgia DOA certified scales with at least two witnesses present.

• Witnesses to the weighing must be at least 18 years old, and they must not be members of the angler’s immediate family nor have a close personal relationship with the angler.

• Catch must be positively identified by qualified DNR personnel. GON can correspond with DNR when high-quality, multiple photos are taken of the fish and emailed to GON. All record submissions and photos must be sent to [email protected].

GON’s records are compiled and maintained by GON, to be awarded at GON’s discretion. Additional steps may be required for record consideration.

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