Lake Jackson Fishing Reports – July 2020

GON Staff | June 26, 2020

Jackson: Level: Full. Temp: 78-82 degrees. Clarity: Stained to heavily stained up the rivers.

Bass: Tournament angler Brian Lee reports, “Bass fishing is good considering it’s the hottest part of the year. Early morning topwater is producing some good quality fish. Run and gun the most productive water that you can and throw a Spook, Pop-R and a Rico. As the sun gets up on the water, run all the shade that you can with topwater since these areas will still hold bass. Once the sun is up on the water and the shade has decreased, concentrate on long, tapering points with a Carolina rig and a shaky head. Watermelon and green-pumpkin colors are best, depending on the water clarity. Slow down during the hottest part of the day since bass will tend to not want to chase a bait too far. Docks in or near deeper water and those next to channel swings will hold fish. Deeper structure and humps will be good places to pick up a few bass, but this is where you’ll need good electronics. A drop shot will catch a few if you prefer this rig over others. The evening bite isn’t as good as it has been in the past, but it’s producing some fish. Just remember to concentrate on high-percentage areas with the same baits as the morning and midday bites. The dog days of summer are in full swing, and the fish can be affected by the different pressure from being brought up to the surface quickly. Please remember that fish care is important, and fizzing a fish that has air in its swim bladder may be needed, so please educate yourself on how to do this properly. If you are fishing a tournament, ice and any type of rejuvenating supplements will be helpful to the fish while being in the livewells. Until next month, be safe and remember to always use the proper PFDs for each person aboard.”

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