Lake Jackson Fishing Report – September 2020

GON Staff | August 29, 2020

Jackson: Level: Full. Temp: High 80s to low 90s. Clarity: Clear to stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Brian Lee reports, “The fall bite isn’t very far away, topwater in the mornings is wide open. Throw a Spook, buzzbait or Pop-R along deeper seawalls. Run as many spots as you can before the sun gets above the treeline. Once the sun is above the trees, throw a shaky head or C-rig on points and docks. Any brush you find, slow down and fish it really thorough. The offshore bite will still produce fish as all the bass will not move up at once. A drop shot is a very effective way to catch offshore bass. Humps and brush will be your key areas to look for. Be patient, the bass will give you a key to as what you need to be doing. Each bite will give you something to go on. Just remember what and where you were and what you were doing. Just duplicate it, and you will catch fish. As cooler weather approaches in the coming months, look for the bass to migrate back to shallower water from their hideaways.”


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