Lake Jackson Fishing Report September 2012

GON Staff | August 29, 2012

Jackson: Level: Full pool. Temp: High 80s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Eric Perkins reports, “Fishing has improved a little, and I expect it to really turn on if we get some cooler temps this month. There’s a pretty good topwater bite right now early on the main-lake walls and long points. You can also catch a few shallow on all the new grass and trash that grew up from the draw-down. I like a Spro Frog shallow around this cover. There is still a little schooling activity in the main-lake area, and it’s hard to beat a Super Spook Jr. or a Sammy on those fish. You can catch stripers and hybrids out there as well. If we get some cool temps this month, look for the bait to go shallow and the fish will follow them. A white 1/2-oz. spinnerbait with double nickle willowleaf blades and a Spro Aruku Shad are great baits when this happens. As always, the Alcovy arm will be hard to beat. Look in the longer creeks and pockets. On those bright, sunny days with little wind, I like to skip a black/brown 7/16-oz. Net Boy jig under main-lake docks. This can be a deadly tactic all the way from now till December. Some really big fish will start suspending under the floating docks here soon.”

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