Lake Jackson Fishing Report – October 2007

GON Staff | September 26, 2007

Jackson: Level: 1.4 feet below full pool. Temp: 76-78 degrees. Clarity: No stain.

Bass: Good. Guide Aaron Batson said the fish are still scattered. “Some are still on summer holes, and others are pulling shallow,” said Aaron. “The early morning bite is best fishing down the lake in the dam area. Fish full-sized Spooks and Sammys on rocky points and seawalls. This is catching some great spots right now. Keep a weightless Senko available on a spinning rod to throw at missed bites.” In the afternoon, Aaron is fishing deep docks in main-lake coves with a white Net Boy Bait jig with a small pearl Zoom trailer. “Swim the jig near any dock post, and let it fall once it gets right up next to the cover,” said Aaron. “Expect the bite on the fall. The jig bite has been catching bigger largemouths. Baitfish are beginning to move into these main-lake creeks already with cooler night temperatures. Some fish are still on main-lake humps and points. They will eat a Net Boy Bait Screw Ball jig head with a watermelon Trick Worm or finesse worm. Most of these have been smaller spotted bass.” Eric Perkins attributes the bass turning on to the cool nights. “Everyone has been catching them good,” said Eric. “The topwater bite was good this past week, with some kind of popper-style bait being the best. A white spinnerbait was producing good, too. The bait started getting a little shallower, and the fish moved almost into a fall pattern. Expect the same for early October. These fish are going to move shallow, and it’s all related to where the bait is. The fish will move into the creeks, and you can’t go wrong with any shad-pattern crankbait, spinnerbait or a Rat-L-Trap style bait. I just cover a lot of water, and look for pods of shad. But we are not fishing deeper than 10 feet deep in the fall. Also, flats leading in to the creeks are very good places to throw a Shad Rap or Rat-L-Trap. The topwater bite will be good on the walls leading in to the creeks also.”

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