Lake Jackson Fishing Report November 2012

GON Staff | October 31, 2012

Jackson: Level: Full pool. Temp: 70s. Clarity: Clear in the main lake and a slight stain in the rivers.

Bass: Tournament angler Eric Perkins reports, “Fishing has been pretty tough here lately. The Monticello High School Bass Club fished this weekend, and it was pretty tough. Joseph Caldwell won it with four that weighed 4.12 pounds. The bait is moving shallow, and a small crankbait such as an RC 1.5 or a Strike King square bill in some form of a shad pattern is a good choice. I also like the 1/2-oz. Spro Aruku Shad in chartreuse shad for covering a lot of water. Right now and through early November, I like to skip a Net Boy Baits Flipp’N Jig under floating docks. The jig bite hasn’t really turned on like I thought it would, but as the nights get colder, I will really get serious with the 7/16-oz. Net Boy Finesse Jig with a Zoom Pro Chunk on deeper chunk-rock banks. I’m usually casting it instead of flipping this bait. I like natural colors and anything with green in it. We catch some really big spots out of shallow- to medium-depth brush on this jig also. Another great tactic right now is a Lucky Craft jerkbait in chartreuse shad snatched on windy banks, points and around boat docks. I’m fishing shallow right now, anywhere from zero to 8 feet. Soon the fish will migrate to chunk rock as it gets colder. I still won’t be fishing super deep. Good areas to look this time of year is the Alcovy arm as well as the main lake down to where Tussahaw dumps in. I like it when we get a few warm days in a row and the sun bakes on that rock. Right now those fish are following the bait into the creeks and pockets, but they will migrate out to more open water and main-lake areas as it gets colder.”

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