Lake Jackson Fishing Report – May 2022

GON Staff | April 28, 2022

Jackson: Level: 0.4 feet above 1071. Temp: 65-68 degrees. Clarity: Some color all the way to the dam. Visibility is 2 to 3 feet at the dam and the stain increases as you go up lake. The rivers are clearing until the next rain hits. 

Bass: Tournament angler Karl Pingry reports, “A lot of bass are on the beds or guarding fry. Smaller baits such as 4-inch Senkos seems to work better than full-sized baits to get the bass to bite. A shaky head, tube or small lizard will also work. There is a shad spawn all over the lake, but not all places have bass with them. My buddy hit two areas: in one he zeroed, in the other he caught more then 10. Those bass were caught on a spinnerbait, although a ChatterBait or crankbait would also be good baits to try. There is some schooling activity, too, but the topwater bite isn’t there yet. The shad spawn will continue for most of May. Target seawalls and rock for spawning activity. Get on the water before daylight and fish a spinnerbait with willowleaf blades. If the shad are nipping at it as you retrieve your bait, keep fishing. If shad aren’t following your spinnerbait, change. I suggest double willowleaf in white or one gold, one silver. The topwater bite will get going soon as well as the first mayfly hatches. The best topwater baits will be a frog, buzzbait, Pop-R and a Sammy 100. Docks will be a good pattern as well as blowdowns with so much bass, crappie and shad fry. Tubes, jigs, shaky heads and creature baits will all work. Carolina rigs and crankbaits on secondary points and main-lake points will work as the water warms and the bass start to move out of the pockets.”

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