Lake Jackson Fishing Report May 2012

GON Staff | April 26, 2012

Jackson: Level: 4.6 feet below full pool. Temp: Upper 70s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Good. Eric Perkins reports, “Fishing continues to be good, and there is a shad spawn in a few areas now, but that will be winding down. May is a great time to catch big spots on topwater. I like long red-clay points and main-lake walls. First thing in the morning, they’ll be up tight feeding, and you can run the shady side of the lake as the sun rises. It won’t last long, but you can catch some big spots doing this. I like a Zell-Pop, a Rico and prop baits as well. Also, a white buzzbait and a Sammy are hard to beat. Flukes and Lucky Craft jerkbaits in chartreuse shad are good also. We will see a mayfly hatch soon, and when that happens a brown/black Net Boy Baits Flipp’N Jig is hard to beat with a green-pumpkin Zoom Pro Chunk. It mimics a bug perfectly. I like to skip it up under any bushes where there are bugs and hop it back. A black/brown Chatterbait is good as well as a frog on a bug hatch. I also throw the Swormin’ Hornet Fish Head Spin with a white Super Fluke Jr. on the deep main-lake fish after they leave the shallows. It’s unreal on big suspended spots on the main lake. After the sun gets high and things slow down, I will either stay out deep and fish brush or go skip a Net Boy Jig under docks.”

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