Lake Jackson Fishing Report – July 2008

GON Staff | June 24, 2008

Jackson: Level: 1.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 86-88 degrees. Clarity: Fairly clear with a 2 foot-visibility. The rivers are slightly stained.

Bass: 2008 Eliminator Series Championship qualifier Aaron Batson said fish will be concentrated deeper in the main lake and also up the rivers in search of cool water. “Main-lake bass will be found feeding actively on points and humps in 12 to 16 feet of water, but they’ll be very near deep-water holding areas. They can be caught on Net Boy Baits 3/4-oz. football jigs in just about any color. Tip them with Zoom Big Salty chunks. Also, a big worm or lizard in the 8- to 12-inch size will catch them.” Aaron also said to fish log jams, blowdowns and rocky banks up the Yellow and South rivers. “They can be caught with a variety of lures — buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and soft plastics,” said Aaron. “This should be the month for the mayflies to bust loose, since it has not fully happened yet. Work them over with Pop-Rs and small crankbaits.” Eric Perkins said the night bite is going pretty strong. “A big Zoom Ol Monster in green pumpkin or black, a black spinnerbait with a big Colorado blade and a Bill Norman crankbait, either the DD22 or the Deep Little N, have been producing,” said Eric. “We throw it on humps and deeper rocky banks, but the spinnerbait and worm we will fish in or around deep brush. Also the dock-light pattern is on right now also. Shad Raps and small crankbaits are working well.”

Great. “The stripers and hybrids have been coming up good down the lake and around the powerlines,” said Eric. “There have been spots and a few largemouths mixed in. Just about any topwater bait will work, but I like a Spook Jr. and a Sammy. But they are like piranhas, so they will eat about anything that lands around them. This is also the time to take a kid fishing. They can have a blast catching them, and it’s easy. You can tie them on a Rooster Tail on or even a Kalin’s grub will work also. Just let them throw. They don’t have to be accurate because there are so many fish out there. This bite lasts for about an hour or two, and then it’s over.”

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