Lake Jackson Fishing Report – January 2024

GON Staff | December 28, 2023

Jackson: Level: 0.6 above 528. Temp: Upper 40s to low 50s. Clarity: Too clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Willie McMullen is hoping for rain to stain up the water. He says it is so clear that fishing is tough. Around 10 pounds has been winning tournaments recently. The clear water is also keeping the bass deeper. Try the old-school method of fishing a Hopkins spoon or Little George. Find bait out on points and humps, and drop one of them down. Raise and lower your rod tip a foot to feel the blade on the Little George. Many of the bites will come as it falls back to the bottom. Also try a jerkbait around suspended fish or those holding around brush. The standard winter crankbait bite is good using crawfish- or shad-colored Shad Raps, Wee-Rs and  Bombers around rocks, and this bite will get better if the water stains up some. Check for stained water in creeks and the rivers, and fish those baits around rocks and wood cover. Current will help that bite, too. The jig bite can produce some quality fish. Work a jig around deep wood, like blowdowns, slowly and carefully. You won’t get many bites, but the ones you get should be quality fish.”

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