Lake Jackson Fishing Report – January 2007

GON Staff | January 2, 2007

Jackson: Level: 4.8 feet low. Temp: 50-55 degrees. Clarity: Too clear, according to Aaron Batson.

Bass: Good. Aaron Barson fished a Berry’s pot tournament Saturday and came in third with 14.98 pounds. “We caught a few early in two feet of water, but the sun popped out and we had to back out in seven and eight feet of water,” said Aaron. He was chunking a Medium Wide Wobble Cedar Shad crankbait around some chunk rock. A 1/2-oz. black/brown Booyah jig with a brown Zoom Super Chunk trailer also produced on deeper docks, blowdowns and rock. “When it gets in January expect fish to be right on rock,” said Aaron. “I’d stick more with the crankbait. A No. 7 Shad Rap and a Bandit will work, too. Don’t pass up any wood.” If it gets a little warmer, fish won’t need rock as much, so look for them to pull out into seven and 10 feet of water. Look for a great jigging-spoon bite to develop this month. Go down the lake, and look for big balls of shad off the points. With the clearer-than-normal water, fish should really stack up. Without the muddy water seeing bait and bass on a depthfinder will be much easier.

Crappie: Fair. The only good report Bobby Berry heard was from a group of guys who caught a good pile of crappie while trolling. “They said they just had to keep changing jigs; the fish weren’t hitting one color in particular,” said Bobby. Another fellow caught a 2-lb., 3-oz. slab under Water’s Bridge with a jig. Bobby said if he were going crappie fishing he’d be under Water’s Bridge with minnows.

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