Lake Jackson Fishing Report – February 2007

GON Staff | January 30, 2007

Jackson: Level: 4.6 feet low. Temp: 50 degrees. Clarity: Stained up the lake, clear at the dam.

Bass: Great. Aaron Batson came in third at a recent Bobby’s tournament with a limit that went 14.87 pounds. He fished up the South and Yellow rivers and down to the mouth of Tussahaw Creek. “I had three different jigs tied on,” said Aaron. “I had a green pumpkin for clear water, black/blue for a medium stain, and up the river (in a heavier stain) I was using a brown/black jig with a green-pumpkin Cross Craw trailer. I was dying the claws chartreuse, which I think was the key.” A jig-head, finesse-worm bite is still going on down the lake on rocky points and humps. Look for fish to key on rocks at the first of the month. Small crankbaits and jigs are staples this time of year as fish look for heat. When the water temperature hits 53 to 54 degrees, Aaron will be slinging a spinnerbait around blowdowns, stumps and dock posts. “Let it flutter to the bottom, and just slow-roll it back,” said Aaron. He likes a 3/8- to 1/2-oz. Ol-Nelle bait with Colorado blades. Throw a jig in these same woody areas. For more information on Jackson bass fishing, turn to page 16.

Crappie: Fair. Bobby Berry said the fish are still deep in the channels and are being caught trolling. Look for the same forecast in February.

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