Lake Jackson Fishing Report December 2012

GON Staff | November 28, 2012

Jackson: Level: 0.7 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid to high 50s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Eric Perkins reports, “Fishing remains pretty tough right now. I was out this past weekend, and we struggled. We did catch a few fish and missed several good bites casting a 7/16-oz. Net Boy Baits Finesse jig in green craw with a Zoom Super Chunk Jr. in root beer. The spots absolutely love that color combo. I’m just making casts to the rocks and skipping it under docks. I’m pretty fast about it; hop it a few times, and fire it back out. The fish are really scattered right now. Some are super shallow in the backs of the creeks, and some are suspended on bait out on the main lake. It’s all about the bait right now. Find the bait, and you will find the fish. When we get some cold nights, it will put them on the rock and near the deeper channel swings. I really love the finesse jig and a shallow- to medium-diving crankbait for those conditions. Norman Deep Little Ns, Bandit 200 and 300s are good, and I’m still going to throw some flat-sided baits such as a Gulp. I really think the new grass hurt us pretty bad. I never did catch any fish out of it. I really think it’s depleting the oxygen, and from what I’ve seen, it’s hurt certain areas. It’s almost like the fish have run from it. I think we will have to contend with its effects all the way through next year.”

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