Lake Jackson Fishing Report December 2011

GON Staff | November 23, 2011

Jackson: Level: 3.7 feet low. Temp: Low 60s degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Good. Eric Perkins said, “Fishing is pretty good right now and should be great in December, if we don’t get a lot of real cold nights. I saw a ton of bait this weekend up high on the surface, and spots, largemouths, stripers and hybrids are feeding up heavy on them. You can basically run-and-gun a Spro Aruku Shad or a Rat-L-Trap in a shad pattern or chrome/blue on wind-blown flats and points. December is a great month for casting a 7/16-oz. Net Boy Baits Finesse Jig. I like the natural colors in the clear water, and black/blue in stained water. A wide variety of medium- to shallow-diving crankbaits is a must in December. A No. 7 Shad Rap is hard to beat as well in December. Natural is what I’m throwing now, but when the water stains up, I will switch to crawfish or gable. On warm days, those fish will be in less than 3 feet of water.”

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