Lake Jackson Fishing Report – April 2024

GON Staff | March 27, 2024

Jackson: Level: 0.6 feet above 528. Temp: Mid to upper 60s by early April. Clarity: Stained on most of the lake.

Bass: Tournament angler Willie McMullen reports that bass and shad will be spawning. Target the shad spawn on seawalls early with buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and bladed jigs, moving until you find feeding fish. Shad will start spawning as soon as the water temperature stabilizes at 67 to 68 degrees. The full moon may increase spawning activity for shad and bass. Go into the backs of pockets and coves and target all wood with a Senko behind a 1/8-oz. sinker. You probably won’t be able to see the beds, so visualize where the beds should be—seawalls, stumps and shallow dock posts. Pitch your Senko to them, but never overlook a Texas-rigged lizard fished where the bass bed. Bass seem to bed later in the month up the Alcovy River. Look for tupelo trees, and fish their bases for bedding bass. Also, target the other bedding areas there, too.

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