Lake Jackson Fishing Report – April 2023

GON Staff | March 29, 2023

Jackson: Level: 0.4 feet above 528. Temp: 67-69 degrees. Clarity: Stained but muddying up fast from heavy rains on March 26.

Bass: Tournament angler Willie McMullen fished a tournament in the storms on March 26, and the rolling thunder made it tough, but he caught a 3.90-lb. largemouth for big fish. Bass were already up trying to spawn, and more will flood in the first week of April. Target any wood or rock cover on secondary points halfway back in the coves and work all cover in the very back. Tupelo tree bases are a classic bedding area for Jackson bass. Fish a Texas-rigged lizard, jig ’n pig and wacky rig slowly around all the cover from dirt shallow to 4 feet deep, even if you can’t see bass on the bed. Spots will spawn a little deeper, and they want rocks. Drag your lizard, jig or wacky rig on chunk rock and gravel bottoms out to 6 feet deep for them. Shad will be spawning this month, too. Willie says Jackson does not have the huge numbers of shad that other lakes like Oconee have, so finding them is a little tougher, but they provide a bonanza when you do. Target seawalls, riprap and docks. The shad will spawn on dock floats, as well as the rocks. Fish a topwater popper, spinnerbait or bladed jig around any shad spawn activity you find, especially at first light.”

Crappie:  Lots of crappie were up shallow trying to bed the last weekend in March. They were very visible on forward-facing sonar and will continue all this month. Target them with small hair jigs around any wood cover in the pockets.   

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