Lake Jackson Fishing Report April 2012

GON Staff | March 28, 2012

Jackson: Level: 4.3 feet below full pool. Temp: High 60s to low 70s. Clarity: Clear on main lake; light stain up the rivers.

Bass: Excellent. Eric Perkins reports, “Fishing has been great with the warm weather. The warm temps have moved everything further along this year. I expect to be fishing for postspawn fish in April. That’s a first. right now the largemouths are bedding and can be caught a number of ways, but I still like the old Bang-O-Lure and a Rapala at first light. Or if it’s cloudy, it will work all day. Flukes and Trick Worms are awesome search baits as you go in a pocket looking for a bedding fish. If you can make one roll up and show itself, you can go back and pitch a Net Boy Flipping jig on the bed and catch her. Normally I’m not even catching these fish. But everything is happening so early, I’m thinking the shad spawn will be coming soon. I like a white, 1/2-oz., double-willow Net Boy Baits spinnerbait and a white Lunker Lure buzzbait on the shad spawn. We might even see a mayfly hatch in April? Who knows with this weather. The linesides are on their run now as well, and the crappie are piled in the trees and under the docks. Man what a month!”

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