Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – January 2024

GON Staff | December 28, 2023

Eufaula: Level: 0.8 above 188. Temp: Mid 50s. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Capt. Sam Williams, of Hawks Fishing Guide Service, reports, “The cooler winter weather is going to keep the fish congregated around rock structure, rocky levies and causeways, as well as timber. All these structures hold the heat from the daytime sun and will draw baitfish for the bass and other species to feed on. The deeper fish will be on the structure where the water remains warmer. The shallow bass bite will come on soft plastics rigged on Texas rigs, jigs with creature trailers and slow-moving blade baits. The fish are in their winter mode and moving slow. It will take some finessing to aggravate a bite. The deeper bass will hit a vertical spoon worked in front of them. Heavy jigs with large creature trailers will also get hit. Carolina rigs with a big, dark worm bounced through a school will also make fish hit. A deep-running crankbait pulled slowly through the school is another great choice. Keeping the offering in front of the bass this time of year is your goal since they do not chase a lot in the cold water. Use your electronics to locate the above-mentioned structure settings and you should mark fish.”

Multiple Species: Capt. Sam Williams, of Hawks Fishing Guide Service, reports, “Crappie are also in their winter mode, hanging around deeper structure, whether man-made or natural. Again, your electronics will assist in finding these areas. Minnows on a tightline suspended just above the school will do the trick. Catfish are also slow to bite. Jigs baited with cutbait will put a good mess on the table. The bottom fishermen are getting a few on crawlers or cutbait. Be sure and dress warm and keep plenty of water with you. It is a great time to take a youngster fishing or hunting and make those wonderful memories that will last for generations. Pray for all our folks in uniform and their families as they protect us every day. Pray for each other and love your neighbor. Keep an eye on our Lee King Memorial Facebook page to keep up with our future plans.”

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