Lake Chatuge Fishing Report May 2017

GON Staff | April 26, 2017

Chatuge: Level: 2.5 feet below full pool. Temp: 66-69 degrees. Clarity: Clear and slightly stained in creeks

Bass: Guide Eric Welch reports, “The lake has been coming up the last couple weeks, and the fish are spawning. The largemouth are spawning in the pockets and in the backs of the small creek areas. You can target the ones on bed with a tube, jig or critter craw. For the ones that are cruising, you can catch them on a fluke, swim jig or swim baits. Some of the spotted bass are still spawning in the gravel flats, but the ones that have spawned are out around docks or points. Were still catching them on jigs, shaky head and drop shots. When the spawn gets over in a couple of weeks, start throwing a fluke and Trick Worm around docks and laydown. Those fish protecting fry should be hungry.”

Hybrids: Big Ol’ Fish Guiding Service reports, “Water temps are on the rise, and the hybrids are getting fired up. Fish are a little scattered but are starting to school on shallow humps and in their spring spawning areas. Early mornings and late afternoons have been the best times to get hooked up. Currently, we are pulling planer boards and freelines with live bluebacks early on shallow humps around the lakes and in the backs of creeks. We are also seeing a great topwater bite; with this in mind, it’s always a good idea to keep a Zara Spook or Red Fin at the ready. Toward the end of this month, look for the hybrids to move out and start to school up in slightly deeper water. As this occurs, switch your technique to downlining live herring. This is the time of year we start catching some huge hybrids in large quantities.”

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