Lake Blackshear Fishing Report – May 2024

GON Staff | May 2, 2024

Blackshear: Level: Full at 237. Temp: 73-78 degrees. Clarity: A good stain for Blackshear, not muddy at all.

Bass: Tournament angler Chris Gray reports, “Fishing is great. Most bass on the lake have already spawned, and some are still guarding fry. Early in the morning look for a shad spawn on seawalls and rip-rap. Look for shad flickering along the bank and bass chasing them. Target these fish with a white spinnerbait with double willowleaf blades. A lot of guys throw a 1/2-oz., but I prefer a 3/8-oz. because Blackshear is full of moss and vegetation, and the 3/8-oz. is easier to keep out of all the gunk. Once the shad spawn is over, start fishing the shady sides of cypress trees with Texas-rigged dark-colored creature baits or worms. Skip your bait up to the base of the tree and wait for the bump. Another good way to catch them is to find bream beds and drag your soft plastics in and around them. If you find the bream beds, the bass will be close by looking for an easy meal.”

Bream: Chris Gray reports, “The bream are on fire right now. A warmer-than-average April has the shellcracker on bed, as well as the bluegill. Look for sandy areas in 2 to 4 feet of water. The water is stained, but you should be able to see the beds with some good polarized sunglasses. You can also use the side-scan feature on your electronics to locate them. You can catch them many different ways, but I prefer red wigglers for the shellcracker and crickets for the bluegill. Lake Blackshear has some of the best bream fishing in the state, and May is the month to capitalize on it.” 

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