Lake Blackshear Fishing Report – June 2020

GON Staff | June 1, 2020

Blackshear: Level: Full. Temp: 80 degrees. Clarity: Clear

Bass: Tournament angler Baylor Pless reports, “The bass in Lake Blackshear are in a tricky stage right now. They are in a postspawn funk as many people like to call it. The bream have started moving up to the banks to spawn, and the bass are staying shallow with them. The shad have disappeared from the shallow water and are starting to move out. Bass will begin to move offshore when the bream get done bedding. These fish targeting bream can be caught on a green-pumpkin fluke and topwater baits that resemble a bream, such as a popper or prop bait. When the bream move off the beds, the fish will move to the ledges or the main river ledge and can be targeted with a sexy-shad crankbait or a Carolina rig. The fish that stay shallow will hang out around shade lines waiting for the shad that stayed shallow to swim by and will then ambush them. These fish can be targeted with topwaters such as a sexy-shad Spook, popper or a small swimbait.

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