Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report – July 2007

GON Staff | July 13, 2007

Inshore: Good, but an east wind has made conditions tough. “The fishing has been good when we have been able to get out,” said Capt. Greg Hildreth. “Last week was the full moon, so we were fishing the flood tide in the grass for tailing reds. We caught all our fish in the grass on bunny hair weedless flies.”

: Capt. Hildreth reports that there are a few tarpon around the southern coast, and it will only get better as the summer goes on. Also, the tripletail are still on the beaches. Capt. July Helmey reports sightings of large schools of menhaden in the Wassaw Sound area, which means tarpon season isn’t far behind. “There have been reports from the Tybee Roads areas of some tarpon-feeding sightings. In the last weeks there have been more menhaden in this area than in the Wassaw Sound.”

: Capt. Judy said the artificial reefs and beachfronts are holding the attention of Spanish mackerel. “You can fish and catch them holding in tide rips, over and around wrecks, shipping channels and beachfronts. Your best bait is going to be lures that are pitched to or trolled by these fish. Clark spoons have been a great favorite of fishermen as well as fish,” Capt. Judy said.

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