Carters Lake Fishing Report November 2013

GON Staff | October 30, 2013

Carters: Level: 2.6 feet below full pool. Temperature: 71 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Spotted Bass: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The hot fall bite has started, and if you want to catch a bunch of spotted bass, now is the time. They seem to be everywhere—shallow, deep, points, rock and brush. We have been catching great numbers of fish, including some great topwater action on flukes. If you like to fish deep, a drop shot or a 1/4-oz. jigging spoon has also been deadly on these fish. Look for these patterns to stay the same for the next few weeks while we have cold mornings and moderate afternoons.”

Linesides: Eric reports, “The lake started to turn over last week, and by now it’s in full turnover mode. There are lots of bubbles and murky green water everywhere. This annual event is caused when the cooler surface temps press down on the warmer layer of water below, and the two will actually flip over. This means a few things for us as anglers. First the fish are going to be on the move looking for better water quality and bait. Since the creeks seem to turn over first, they will also stabilize first. Look for baitfish in the creeks, and there should be bigger fish close by. Worly Creek and Harris Branch will usually stabilize first because they are a little bigger and have fresh water flowing into them. Start in the backs and work forward. The stripers and hybrids will be more spread out than they have been, so don’t expect to see big schools of fish but rather small groups of usually four to six fish. You can also try fishing up the river this month. Good numbers of stripers have been caught in the afternoons from Ridgeway up to the shoals. With the cooler temps bringing the fish up shallower, and the fish spreading out, now is when I will use my planer boards to cover some more water. Flatlines or weighted lines can be used to get your baits away from the boat as not to spook the fish. When the water temps get in the 60s, catching bait and throwing a cast net can be miserable. Lucky for us trout make great bait and love the cool temps brought on by fall. Bart’s Bait and Tackle in Talking Rock has multiple sizes ready for your next trip to Carters.”

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