Carters Lake Fish Attractor Locations

Map and GPS coordinates to fish attractors created since 1999 through the Carters Lake Fish Attractor Program.

GON Staff | July 13, 2016

Underwater woody debris such as logs, brush, and stumps are all natural fish attractors. Fish use these areas for protection, as places to ambush prey, and sometimes as spawning areas. As a reservoir ages, much of this woody debris is lost through the natural process of decay or sedimentation. As a result, fish habitat is lost over time. This loss of habitat can cause a reduction in the total number of fish a lake can support. In addition, fish become increasingly spread out over the lake as they seek other, and sometimes less obvious structure. This can make fishing difficult and requires anglers to cover larger areas of water in their efforts to entice a bite.

To counteract these natural processes, man-made fish habitat is often created to replace that which is lost naturally over time. Such habitat improvements often come in the form of fish attractors. Fish attractors can be of various shapes and sizes, and made from a number of materials, but all serve the same purpose of providing underwater habitat for fish.

The Carters Lake Fish Attractor Program was initiated in 1999 as a joint project between the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR), the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Carters Lake Project, local businesses and anglers. Through this cooperative partnership fish attractors are being placed annually at various locations within Carters Lake. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a map and list of fish attractors along with GPS coordinates.

The fish attractors are diverse in design and construction and have been built using recycled Christmas trees, PVC pipe, steel cages, and plastic shipping pallets. The advantage of using non-biodegradable materials such as PVC and plastic is that the fish attractors last much longer than those composed of wood.

Anglers can expect spotted and largemouth bass, yellow and white bass, sunfish, crappie, and catfish to potentially hold in and around the attractors at various times of the year. Fish these structures just like any other natural feature in the lake.

The online fish attractor location map will be updated annually to reflect new fish attractor locations and additions to existing sites. For more information about this program contact either the GADNR Summerville Fisheries Office (706-857-3394) or the USACE Carters Lake Project Manager’s Office (706-334-2248).

Hints for Locating the Fish Attractors 
● Fish attractors are located in 20-30 ft. of water at full lake pool (elevation 1,072 ft.).
● Hand-held GPS units will typically get you within 10-15 ft. of the attractor’s location.
● Once in the general area, use depth finders to pinpoint the attractor’s exact location.
● The PVC fish attractors are not solid structures (like rocks) so they often appear lighter in color than the lake bottom on a depth finder.
● Once you have located a fish attractor, make mental notes of your surroundings so it will be easier to find on your next trip (ex. line up lake points, buoys, trees).
● Mark the exact spot using small marker buoys to help keep your boat and casts on target.


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