Carters Lake Fishing Report January 2014

GON Staff | December 30, 2013

Carters: Level: 0.8 feet below full pool. Temp: 50-53 degrees. Clarity: 6 feet.

Bass: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The spotted bass are held up on all kinds of deep cover from 15 to 40 feet. The areas around the boat ramps have been a great place to find fish. Doll Mtn, Woodring and the area around Ridgeway have been loaded down with spots. Early in the morning, the areas that get sun first have been key to finding the fish. If you mark fish deep or suspended around bait, a chrome jigging spoon or a silver flitter bait is a must have. If you can get these fish to bite, it’s almost one on every drop.”

Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Carters stripers are in full winter mode. This means the fish are going to be more likely to feed shallow than deep, and now trout are the go-to bait. Pull shallow baits of different sizes near points, drop-offs and ambush areas around timber. Areas that look fishy usually are. Even if you are not marking fish on the sonar, be thorough in your search for fish. I like to put out at least one large bait (10+ inches) on each side of the boat and one way back in the center. Planer boards are going to make this a lot easier. In addition to these baits, I like to run a bait just off the outboard maybe 20 feet or so. We catch a lot of fish on this bait as well. This bait is in good position to get the attention of any fish that are trailing a caught fish near the boat. Lines weighted with a single split-shot will keep the baits just below the surface at a slow troll and give the fish a different look that might be a little more appetizing. On these lines I like to pull medium shiners on light hooks. As far as finding fish, look everywhere. Fish are being caught from way up river all the way down to Fisher Creek and the dam ramp area. The back of any creek that is holding bait is always a good place to start, and then work your way out as the day draws on. In the late evening, we have had some fish busting up shallow near shoreline breaks or cover where the bait has congregated in the sunshine. If you can find feeding surface fish, they will eat a fluke in grey or a dark-colored jerkbait. As the temps fall, remember to slow down and give fish time to eat. Everything will be a little slower this time of year.”

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