Letters To The Editor – September 2019

Reader Contributed | September 1, 2019

Glen Solomon Will Be Missed

Dear GON,

I have always enjoyed reading anything that Glen Solomon has written for GON over the years.

He has always made me think of the way hunting and fishing was meant to be done. I can tell he puts in the time and just does it the old fashioned way of working hard and just enjoying the time he spends in the woods or on a river. 

After watching the YouTube video of him interviewing Kristen Peterson with the 16-lb. bass she caught, it really showed that he is a down to earth and a very solid human being. 

GON readers are lucky to have someone like him to read and learn from. Thanks, 

Jeff Bowen, Austell

Editor’s Note: Jeff’s letter arrived at GON on July 27, almost three weeks before Glen’s passing (see page 14). This is a true testimony to Glen, and to his passion for sharing the outdoors through his writing and videos and the fans he accumulated over the years.


Coyote Cull Winner

Dear GON,

I have taken out more than 110 coyotes since 2015 by learning to trap. I’ve spent thousands on the hobby because I just simply love to trap coyotes, and I know how much it helps the deer and turkey populations. 

Through a second-place finish in GON’s Coyote Cull, this is the first time I’ve been rewarded for killing coyotes, so I would really like to thank GON, as well as Trinity Homes and the other sponsors, for realizing this need.   

People will spend thousands on guns, gear, ATVs and hunting accessories, but spending money to remove coyotes is just not on people’s radar like it should be.

Trinity Homes, which awarded me $500 cash, can rest assured that their sponsorship will go to good use. I will put every penny of it back into more traps and supplies to go out and kill more coyotes year-round.

Thanks again,

Matthew Wooten, Lula


Y’all Got An Inspiring Fishing Writer On The Team

Dear GON,

GON does a really good job with teaching articles for bass fishermen, but I wanted to tell you that this article in the August 2019 issue by Walker Smith is a real stand out!

The story titled Shallow Crankin’ is clear, concise and inspired me to actually take it on the lake with me.

Hats off to Walker. 

John McAvoy, Atlanta


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Allison Norman is pictured with her dad Sonny Jones and her son Boone with an 8-pointer she killed in Jasper County in mid November.


GON Facebook
Craig and Braxton Mealer


GON Facebook
Chris Holland sent this and said, “My son Foster and I doubled up yesterday afternoon. His bird had double beards, weighed 19 pounds and had 1-inch spurs. My bird weighed 18 pounds, had a 10.5-inch beard and had 1 1/8-inch spurs. A memory I will cherish forever!”


GON Forum
GON Forum member “Cumberlandjg” posted, “Good day of fishing, caught ’em all before 11 a.m. Hooked into a tarpon on our light tackle, as well, chased it for a few, almost got it to the boat, but then the tarpon took off across the rocks and cut us off. Great day overall though.”


GON Facebook
Heather Wilson sent this photo to our Facebook page and said, “Braston Wilson, 6, caught this in my parent’s pond in Tifton on a spinnerbait. My mom had to dive in the mud after he got out of the bucket.” Braston is from Colquitt County, and the bass weighted 12 pounds.

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