Letters To The Editor – March 2019

Reader Contributed | March 12, 2019

GON Writers Are The Real Deal    

Dear GON,

Donald Devereaux Jarrett is not only a good turkey writer, but he understands and knows what he is writing about. He wrote another great turkey article in the February issue of GON. 

I have only met Donald briefly at the Unicoi call makers event. I wrote my own book about wild turkeys, and I have over six decades of studying their ways. I know enough about wild turkeys to know whether an author knows what he is writing about, or not. 

Mr. Gay, I too know enough about having ears cleaned out from build-up (Feb. issue of Back Issue). You, too, know what you’re writing about.

Enclosed is my check for my renewal of GON.

Herb McClure, Cleveland


Good To Hear From Some Of Our GON Family    

Dear GON,

I did not get to hunt very much this season because of my 91-year-old mother going down and me having to move them in with me and take care of them. 

I only went a total of eight times. Saw deer every time. Good pre-season scouting put me in the right places. I killed two nice 8-pointers, my grandson got a nice 7-pointer, and my son got a nice 8-point, both of them while hunting with me.

Coyotes are definitely a problem and have a devastating impact on the fawns. We have looked at this over the last several years, and when we thin them out in an area, the fawn survival rate increases. I like to kill them all, but getting rid of female yotes is the best remedy.

We love the magazine. Keep up the good work.

David Moncus, Mount Vernon


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Michael Ballew @turkeyhunter84 tweeted “Caught this bobcat walking through one of my food plots. The bobcats on my place have really increased over the past few years.”


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Jacob Hetherington, of Columbus, shot this Stewart County deer on Sept. 8. The doe was only 5 yards away when he shot it.


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GON Forum member “Hill power,” posted this picture on the GON forum on Jan. 13 and said, “My wife has been hunting for 15 years and has never been able to get a racked buck until yesterday evening. She made a great 150-yard shot. I am so proud of her.”


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Devin Owens sent us this: “Check out this buck that was hit by a car in November 2017 in Clayton County. We got it mounted and just received it back from the taxidermy. Very unfortunate on the way it was taken, but what a massive deer. It was an 11-pointer.”

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