Letters To The Editor – March 2016

Reader Contributed | March 12, 2016

More Support For A Hunter Supported, WRD Yote Bounty 

Dear GON,

God bless America. I’m thankful we can still hunt here in America and worship freely.

Everywhere I go, the talk I’m hearing is concern for the deer population because our fawn crop seems to be dwindling. We’ve seen less fawns during this past deer season than we have in the previous years. I know God put coyotes here for a reason, but I think we should control them, so that they don’t eat all the deer.

We have six children and solely eat venison and are thankful that deer are here in Georgia. That being said, coyotes do not seem to be prey to any type of predator and are not hit by vehicles very often, therefore, they continue to populate. I’m also sure they eat many of the deer fawns. So now lies the solution.

The only safe and humane way to keep them in check is to hunt or trap them. Since we can’t eat them, there must be some type of reward for people to get into hunting them. I think it would be a good idea to offer a $20 bounty per coyote tail that could be redeemed at any local DNR office. In return, maybe add a $2 coyote fee to the hunting license so that there would be sufficient funds to pay out rewards. It would also allow for an additional season of hunting. It also could save a few dogs and cats around the city. Just a few thoughts I had.

I also think that you all run a very honest business and put a lot of effort into what you do, which goes a long way in this world we live in.

Jeremy Coleman, Alvaton


I Second That! 

Dear GON,

I am in full agreement with the letter from Roy Carroll included in the February 2016 issue of GON.

 His is an excellent idea, and I further recommend that all deer hunting violators receive double penalties with half the fines going to Mr. Carroll’s idea for eliminating coyotes.

That way we can return to the insurance companies being the biggest threat to our deer population with the 10-doe limit.

Robert Clements, Louisville

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