Letters To The Editor July 2020

Reader Contributed | June 30, 2020

12-Year-Old Trout Angler Looking For Some Help

Dear GON,

I am a 12 year old kid, and I read the GON that my dad gets. I love to hunt and fish, especially trout fishing. Wildcat Creek is my favorite place to fish for trout. I know many other people like to camp, fish and swim in the popular swimming hole.

I was sad to learn that the road up the mountain was closed because of a landslide. The National Forest Service will not fix the road to it. I appreciate any help y’all can give on this.

Harley Hallford, Cobb County

Editor’s Note: Harley, we appreciate your passion for your favorite fishing hole. For more information on this road closure, we encourage all readers to go to

Harley Hallford, 12, of Cobb County, with some north Georgia trout. He isn’t too pleased with the forest service for not fixing the road to his favorite fishing hole at Wildcat Creek.

Excellent Story On Grassy Pond

Dear GON,

Thank you Craig James for an excellent article on Grassy Pond bass fishing in south Georgia. Fishing in ponds for largemouth bass is probably the most fun you can have. It was fabulous to hear from the guy who’s been doing it for 30 years. Very good article.

Hank Siegelson, Atlanta

Good Tennessee Licensing Idea

Dear GON,

I live in Murray County in northwest Georgia and also have a cabin in Polk County, Tenn. just across the state line. While looking through the TWRA hunting/fishing regulations last year, I saw this: “Nonresidents who were born in Tennessee may apply for Native Tennessean annual licenses. These licenses provide nonresidents born in the state but no longer residing in the state, the opportunity to purchase annual Tennessee hunting/fishing/trapping licenses at the same cost as residents.”

This works great for me because I was born in Tennessee and can enjoy hunting and fishing both locations without having to buy a nonresident license. I’m sure there are others who have to watch their budgets like me and this helps out a lot. I think the state of Tennessee has done a very good thing for sportsman and women who come there to enjoy these things.

I’ve enjoyed and bought GON from the newsprint days. Keep up the great work.

Gerald Mason

Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing this, Gerald. That language can be found at

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