Letters To The Editor January 2018

Reader Contributed | January 1, 2018

The Freak Made Me Cry

Dear GON,

I’ve religiously read GON’s Fall Fiction Series The Freak since the beginning. Loved it. Hope you do something similar next year.

I was reading, wondering when the two paths would cross. Thinking it was going to be something like the way it happened. Then Pete dies. Tears! (Pete was my Daddy’s name, too).

Then Billy gets The Freak with Pete’s gun. Who’s cutting onions? Then Billy’s dead, too. You’re killing me here.

I think you should send me a free camo GON sticker for me having to pick my heart up from my shoes. Seriously though, thanks for the great reads in the magazine.

Danny Crumbley, Conyers

Special Truck-Buck Entry

Editor’s Note: The following Week 9 Truck-Buck entry was submitted by Melvin Caldwell, 73, of Columbus. He killed his 8-pointer in Marion County on Nov. 8. 

This hunt took place one day before I am to see my surgeon. I was diagnosed two months ago with liver cancer. I started deer hunting in the early 60s when only limited counties had a deer season. Since then I have harvested more than 100 deer.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and after that, I just about quit hunting. Two years ago four family members got together, and we decided to find a lease. I got on the computer and found a lease in Marion County. There are some nice bucks and does on this property, but nothing we wanted to harvest. This was a mountable buck, and it may be my last, so I decided to take him. The meat will be good, and I will enjoy him on my wall.

Thank you GON for a great magazine. I have been a subscriber for more than 20 years. Keep up the good work.

Melvin Caldwell, Columbus

Week 9: Melvin Caldwell, of Columbus; Marion County 8-point.

Dealing With Trespassers

Dear GON,

If the state of Georgia would pass a law that trespassing with a weapon would be a felon, it will slow the problem way down. Make sure you have the date and time stamped on your picture.

Get a picture of the trespasser with a trail camera high in a tree. It works for me.

Bill Troxell, Toomsboro

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GON Facebook: Adam Baswell sent this picture to GON’s Facebook page of his 14-year-old nephew Brant Hathaway. Brant got his first hog while hunting in Butts County on Nov. 25.


GON Twitter: Kevin Steinke (@4kSteinke) mentioned us in his post “@GONMagazine how about my 12-year-old’s first buck. Kannon Steinke in Randolph County.”


GON Instagram: Will Brooksher killed this 300-lb., Lumpkin County bear with his bow. It didn’t run but 20 yards.

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