Letters To The Editor – January 2016

Reader Contributed | January 10, 2016


More Processors Need To Be Willing To Take Donated Deer

Dear GON,

When leaving Ocmulgee WMA  one morning, I noticed two dead deer right off the side of the road. Both deer were missing heads, and the biggest of the two had been gutted, but no meat had been taken from the animals. Neither deer had the body size to be a mature “trophy” buck.

Caleb Brown believes if more processors would be willing to accept deer for deer-donation programs, then scenes like this wouldn’t appear along roadways.

Why kill a deer, and not use the meat? I’ve seen quite a few posts on Facebook saying things like, “I killed a deer. Who wants it?” And it’s gone in five minutes. There is always somebody wanting or needing the meat, if you don’t.

I’ve always heard about Hunters For The Hungry but never seen any processors in this area participating in the collections. Why? We need to push for more processors to get involved in such a great opportunity to donate to someone less fortunate.

Caleb Brown, Byron


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