Letters To The Editor February 2021

GON Staff | February 1, 2021

“GON” Kills 2 More Yotes

Dear GON,

I shot these two coyotes on the morning of Jan. 10. After I shot the first one, the first thought through my mind was the article I read in GON about how trappers are setting double sets because it’s mating season.

I just stood quiet by the fence post, and the female came on out. Just wanted to share with you. Thanks for the good job y’all continue to do with the magazine!

Stephen Poole, Lula

Editor’s Note: The article Stephen references is at


Daryl Kirby On Social Media

Dear GON,

I hope all GON subscribers read Daryl’s analysis in the January 2021 issue on the current situation with our social media. He was spot on. A lot of the public do not realize that the environmental wackos are one and the same, or a subset of the liberal media, who are determined to stop all management activity such as timber harvesting and other resource harvesting on our public lands. Windmills, solar panels, etc. are fine efforts as far as they go, but when the wind stops blowing and clouds cover the sun in the winter, far more people will die from the cold than would occur with current reasonable resource extraction.

Diversity seems to be the key word in our anthropological society quality these days. It is also a key word in management of habitat for wildlife species. Currently, such efforts have been severely curtailed on federal public land, such as the Appalachian Forests and other areas, by tunnel vision liberal preservationists. Without such management efforts, the diversity and overall wildlife population levels desired by hunters and wildlife watchers will be reduced to unsuitable levels. Hopefully, GON and other similar media can help bring politics and wildlife management back to more reasonable levels.

At 88, I’m about too old to realize or utilize the benefits, but I would surely enjoy knowing that my grandkids will have such an opportunity!

Monte Seehorn, Gainesville

GON Social

GON Twitter: Nolan Brown, 17, with a Morgan County 10-pointer taken Nov. 1.

GON Facebook: Justin Scott wondered if he turned loose a Blue Ridge Lake blue catfish record. Currently there is no blue cat record on Blue Ridge. According the benchmarks for lake records at, a blue catfish must weigh a minimum of 10 pounds to establish a new benchmark record.

GON Instagram: Katy Taylor, 21, of Carrollton, killed this buck in Douglas County on Jan. 9. Thanks @carlhcooke for allowing GON to celebrate in your success.

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