Letters To The Editor – February 2019

Reader Contributed | February 1, 2019

Littlejohn’s Accomplishments Greater Than His B&C Buck    

Dear GON,

I just now had the opportunity to read Duncan Dobie’s excellent article on Gary Littlejohn’s Lamar County buck. What a great buck, but even better was that the article covered Gary’s service and sacrifice to our country.

My oldest brother served in Vietnam and thankfully made it home. We lost him a few years ago due to cancer, probably related to agent orange exposure while serving.

Congratulations to Mr. Littlejohn on taking such a fine animal. And more importantly a big heartfelt thank you to him and all of our fellow Georgians who served our country so bravely and selflessly. We are forever indebted and blessed for our brave veterans and those currently serving.

And we will never forget.

God Bless,

Chuck Morgan, Resaca

Editor’s Note: The full article of Gary Littlejohn’s buck is at


Ragan Paramore Is Not Alone In Licensing Purchase Struggle     

Dear GON,

I feel bad for Ragan Paramore for the accusation of his license violation. I, too, had a very stressful time trying to purchase/renew my sportsman’s license. After several different tries and a couple of days of trying, I succeeded with the purchase.

The reason it took a couple of days was because I was waiting to check my bank statement to ensure my purchase had not gone through already. I was really unsure if I had actually made it through the process or not. Luckily for me, I wasn’t intending on hunting that particular day, or I may have been in the same predicament as Ragan.

I’m sure Ragan didn’t consider the impact of the situation, but I don’t believe for a minute that he was trying to “buck” the system. He was just trying to get out into the woods that day.

I’m older and have purchased my license on the web since it started.  When I renewed my license, I assumed (by the way the instructions read) I was purchasing the exact same license, but my new one didn’t include the SIP or HIP permit.

I also had to check a box stating that if there were any mistakes made that there was pretty much nothing I could do about it. It hasn’t been that complicated before. What’s the saying? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Carl Smith.  Leesburg,Ga.

Editor’s Note: Ragan did receive his rack back. The full story of the return of Ragan’s buck is at


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