Letters To The Editor – February 2016

Reader Contributed | February 10, 2016

Thanking Parent Hunters 

Dear GON,

Congratulations to all the youth who were fortunate to take a buck this season. I have been hunting for many years but still have fond memories of my first buck. Thanks to the parents who support involvement in this sport!

Rod Kuhn, Woodstock


Thanks GON For Another Check Off My Bucket List

Dear GON,

Wanted to say thanks for publishing my picture in the January issue of GON for the Truck-Buck contest for Week 10. I realize there were a lot of entries that week, but you guys made it possible for me to check off one of the items on my bucket list. It’s been a dream to one day appear in GON.

Danny Bennett, Cumming

Editor’s Note: You are welcome, Danny. You did the hard work, which was kill a contender-class buck for Week 10. All our Truck-Buck entries appear online, but with very limited magazine space, we can only publish what we believe are the higher-scoring bucks for each week.


Support License Increase If Killing Yotes Is Part Of Plan 

Dear GON,

I would support an increase in the amount paid for hunting licenses. This money could be allocated to each county to hire trappers. Each trapper could be allocated money to pay for their time but must turn in a log sheet and proof of their time to stay with the program. If the predator problem is not remedied, our deer population will be decimated, and every deer season will be poor.

Roy Carroll, Columbus


GON Social

GON Facebook: Garrett Brown, of Perry, and his lab Boone with their first banded woody. The duck was killed in Macon County and was banded in August 2014 in Wisconsin.


GON Forum: “kedo” on the GON Forum posted, “So happy and proud of my wife! First hunt. First rifle. First deer, and it was a buck. The best weekend in the woods for me. She told me afterward, ‘I hope you truly like hunting. I’ve got the fever, and it is on.’ She loves to fish, and now she loves to hunt. I have the perfect wife.”


GON Twitter: Jeremy Huckaby @JRHOutdoors tweeted on Dec. 31, “@GON Magazine my 7-year-old’s first deer with his new 22-250.”


GON Instagram: Brynnan Adams sent GON this picture of the White County 9-pointer he killed on Christmas Eve.

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