Letters To The Editor December 2018

Reader Contributed | December 7, 2018

Protecting Smallmouth Bass    

Dear GON,

Georgia legislature sets length and creel limits on fishing. Georgia state code section 27-4-10 sets limits on spotted bass, which are competing with native smallmouth bass in places like Lake Blue Ridge in Fannin County, where a smallmouth stocking program has been started.

Anglers should contact the politicians in Atlanta and request they give fisheries biologists the flexibility to increase creel limits on invasive spotted bass. This would help biologists protect Georgia’s native smallmouth and shoal bass populations.

Chris Cain, Fairview N.C.

Where Was The Rut The First Of November?   

Dear GON,

I have been hunting the same place in central Georgia for 30-plus years and do not think I have noticed this before. We have six cameras out, all of them have plenty of deer pictures. Most cameras have 10, 20 or more pictures everyday from Oct. 20-31. However, from Oct. 31-Nov. 5, we have almost no pictures on all six cameras.

A friend of ours who hunts about 20 miles away takes off work beginning on  Nov. 1 and hunts for about a week every year. This year he saw very little deer movement Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. After that, he went to go back to work and will take the rest of his days off at another time hoping the deer would be moving.

I can’t help but wonder if there is a reason for this and if others saw the same thing.

John Cassai, Sparta

Turned Off By Photo Of Fox In Leg Hold Trap    

Dear GON,

I was thumbing through the September issue and a picture (page 40) caught my attention. It is a photo of a bunch of guys standing around gawking at a fox that seems to be panicked and suffering in a leg trap.

I learned hunting firsthand from a group of what I refer to as gentlemen hunters. They schooled me on the wisdom of making an effort to never depict the endeavour in a negative light, to not speak or take actions that could degrade the act of killing animals. It turns people off and gives those with an agenda ammunition. I was taught to dispatch an animal humanly and efficiently, to honor the animal and the life it looses.

When it comes to killing animals, I am not an extremist. Your publication seems to be a success. I have purchased it for years. However, I believe you injure your cause depicting an injured animal as a thing to revel in. I tried to teach my son to respect wildlife, to respect all of nature.

Ken  Lawrence, Jasper


GON Instagram: This deer was shot in Senoia by Bo Barnard. He says, “Still blown away by this deer! My biggest to date. Never had this guy on camera.”

GON Twitter: Rick Shumpert @rickshumpert1 tweeted “@GONMagazine. The rut is in full swing in Polk County @Georgia. Great November 10-point.”

GON Facebook: First deer for Braelyn Silvers. The 7-year-old connected on the Morgan County buck on Oct. 28.

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