Letters To The Editor August 2020

Reader Contributed | August 1, 2020

Hunt Near A Deer Club Member Leads To Practical Jokes

Dear GON,

The other day I was headed home and a deer ran across the road, and I got to thinking. What were some memorable things that happened or that I caused to happen back over a long career in the deer woods? I won’t name names because he might be a reader.

Back in 1973 about 30 of us airline guys had a lease in Monroe County from Georgia Kraft. In those early days that kind of crowded us pretty close together, and of course there were conflicts. This one guy would put his stand so close to mine that we could almost have a conversation, and being young and restless I retaliated. A monster “scrape” appeared on the other side of his stand from me along with a couple of really nice “rubs.” That worked for a while, but soon he was right back snuggled up to me.

Then, the strangest thing happened. One morning before daylight he was sitting in his stand, and when it got shooting light, he discovered a whole family of toy deer all around his stand that he did not see in the dark when he arrived. If memory serves me correctly, he shot every one of them.  Shortly after that he decided to move his stand. I will bet there are a lot of stories out there that would make a great article.

Alton Powell, Chattahoochee Hills

Seminole Angler Petitions For Bass License Plate

Dear GON,

I have recently started a campaign to get a largemouth bass, the official state fish of Georgia, on a license plate. This is a special thing for a lot of anglers. Could y’all please take a second to view it and possibly share? We hope y’all can get behind this and make this a reality for the citizens of Georgia. With your help this can get the attention it needs. Does it really make since to have a trout licence plate but no bass license plate?

Chris Taylor, Lake Seminole Guide & Tournament Angler

Editor’s Note: We reached out to Chris and let him know that all DNR license plates raise money to go for a specific purpose—trout tag for trout stocking, quail tag to the Bobwhite Quail Initiative, bald eagle tag to Nongame, etc. Chris wrote back and said he liked the idea of funds from a bass plate being used for the state’s PFAs. We also encouraged him to contact WRD Fisheries. He’s ready to get some names and get the discussion started. To sign Chris’s petition, go to

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