Letters To The Editor – April 2016

Reader Contributed | April 13, 2016

Crazy Deer Story Just Shows Deer Don’t Follow Rules

Dear GON,

I got a strange tale to tell. I’ve been hunting deer since 1967 and never seen or heard of this. Just shows you can’t trust ’em.

Opening morning I dropped a 180-lb. 7-point 40 yards away. A couple minutes later a bigger set of horns walked up the same trail. It was 8 a.m. He saw the dead buck and walked by him and stared at him. He started posturing around him, approached and smelled him. Then he started fighting his horns, and it progressed from there. It got violent. He flipped him lengthwise, rolled him, pawed the ground at him, pushed him around and generally had his way with him. I videoed part of it, but it went on and on. He postured some more and started walking away. He returned a couple of times but finally walked away up my shooting lane. It was 8:45.

When I got to my buck, the ground was torn up around him, hair everywhere and a couple of punctures in his body. I planned payback and got it seven weeks later. He was a 9-point scoring 122.

I always tell the deer experts that deer can’t read and don’t follow the rules we hunters have put on them. They do what they want to when they want to. Just can’t trust ’em. You can’t make this stuff up.

 Eddie Munn, Red Rock

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Thieves Hitting Warren County Deer Camps

Dear GON,

Just a notice to all Warren County deer hunters. Thieves are on the prowl. We had three campers broken into this past week (e-mailed March 16). Various items were stolen and doors on campers were destroyed. The officer indicated to me that more than 13 camps this year have been hit. The gate locks and chain were cut and destroyed. So please check up on all your campsites.

Phil Kelly,

Warrenton Hunt Camp

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