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Old Green Tacklebox

Moving around some stuff in my shop the other day, I noticed my grandpa’s weathered green metal tacklebox quietly collecting dust on a shelf. Reaching over and picking it up, I couldn’t help but smile. Thirty years ago on a Saturday morning it could be found in the backseat of my Big Pa’s blue Oldsmobile,…

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Life Lessons From A Legend

Last year, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at Clarks Hill Lake with bass fishing legend Hank Parker. As a child I spent many Saturday mornings glued to the television set watching Hank share fishing tips, many of which I still use to this day. Making the three hour or so…

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Stop With The Apologies

Over the past year or two, the social media outdoor scene has been overrun with bullies who are out to bash hunters for the deer they choose to kill. It’s ridiculous and pathetic to say the least. But, over the past few months I have noticed an equally concerning trend online, and I don’t like…

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Christmas Gift No. 1: Kaku Wahoo 10.5 Kayak

Christmas time is sneaking up on us yet again, and there’s no better time than now to go ahead and finish snagging some gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life. I’m going to do a three-part series of products that I believe in, and I’m going to show them to you on video so that…

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This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

Ahhhhhh public land hunting, you gotta love it. Throw a hundred and fifty hunters on a 10,000 acres, all with high hopes of killing a whitetail with a set of horns that a moose would envy, and you better believe there’s going to be problems. I’m a member of several large social media outdoor groups,…

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I’m Over It

I’m over it. I’m over the nonsense, the nastiness and the folks in the outdoor community who are just plain rude and lack good raising. A couple days ago, I’m scrolling through Facebook and I come across a GON story about Travis “T-Bone” Turner of the Bone Collector TV show killing a big Georgia buck…

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Hunting And Crossfit

As I begin to work on this blog, America is in a state of total chaos. Kids are going to elementary classrooms each day dressed like they’re headed off to med school, city blocks are being burned by night for no apparent reason, and it seems like no one loves America anymore. Up until today…

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