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Great To Meet GON Readers At Outdoor Blast

If you weren’t at the GON Outdoor Blast in Emerson this year, I’ll sum it up quickly by saying you really missed out. Big bucks were scored, guns were won every hour on the hour, and vendors had enough discount goodies to fill 20 semi trailers. Oh yeah… and thanks to John Megel Chevrolet, we…

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Learning How To Cast

Rewind to the year 1995, on a sunny spring day, a younger… well much younger… version of myself was strutting out of a hardware store, proudly carrying a brand spanking new Quantum baitcasting combo. Now, that might not sound like that big a deal, but in my mind, I was headed straight to the Bassmaster…

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Old Green Tacklebox

Moving around some stuff in my shop the other day, I noticed my grandpa’s weathered green metal tacklebox quietly collecting dust on a shelf. Reaching over and picking it up, I couldn’t help but smile. Thirty years ago on a Saturday morning it could be found in the backseat of my Big Pa’s blue Oldsmobile,…

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Life Lessons From A Legend

Last year, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at Clarks Hill Lake with bass fishing legend Hank Parker. As a child I spent many Saturday mornings glued to the television set watching Hank share fishing tips, many of which I still use to this day. Making the three hour or so…

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We Miss You, Michael

I’ve wanted to write this one for a long time, but finding the words is just flat hard. I’ll just come out and say it. Man, I miss Michael. It’s funny to say that now. As I’m typing these words I can remember a time when we didn’t care for each other in the slightest,…

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Gauging Success

I’ve fished the Satilla River for more than three decades. I have to say the past couple of years I’ve had more success than ever before, and it’s not because I’m getting any better at fishing, I promise you that. Nor have I discovered a new top-secret lure or technique guaranteed to make them bite…

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Black Water

I managed to make my first trip to the Caribbean a few summers back and fell in love with the warm waters of the tropics. If you have never been yourself, I highly recommend you slide it to the top of the old bucket list. Trust me when I say that you will be glad…

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