Oglethorpe County Buck Demonstrates Grunt Snort Wheeze Over Dead Doe

Brad Gill | February 5, 2020

Mark Malueg, of Jefferson, was out for some meat collection on Nov. 13 while hunting in Oglethorpe County, but he ended up filming a buck make the grunt-snort-wheeze sound it sometimes makes during the rut.

“I killed a doe early in the morning hunt as she entered a food plot,” said Mark.
“About 30 seconds after my shot, a small 8-point buck came off the hill down into the food plot. He was hot in her tracks and was grunting up a storm. He circled her sever times in large circles and then finally moved in and stood over her. 
“He continued to grunt and his hide was standing straight up at times. He began to lick and paw at her, even nudging her with his nose several times as she laid on the ground. I thought he might try to mount her, even though she was dead. Then at one point, I captured on video something that I’ve never heard or seen in the hunting woods my entire life, a grunt-snort-wheeze.”
Turn up the volume!

“I’ve hunted the past 30 years and have never experienced this. I’ve only seen it on TV hunting shows, but never in real life,” said Mark. 

According to Quality Deer Management Association’s Founder Joe Hamilton, who is quoted on QDMA’s website, “If you have a mature buck that’s almost in range or maybe moving a little faster than you want him to, you can use that sound to stop him in his tracks. If it’s a young buck and you try a grunt-snort-wheeze, that young deer is going to be repelled by a sound that he only associates with a mature, dominant buck. On the other hand, if you have the buck of your dreams walking along and he’s moving too quickly, look ahead of him, pick a window for your shot, and use the grunt-short-wheeze to stop him in his tracks. If he’s out of range, you can use that grunt-snort-wheeze to entice him to come just a little bit closer and find out who else is dominant in that neighborhood.”

A gunt-snort-wheeze call is a great one to have in your tool belt while you’re on the stand.

There are a number of these on the market, but one to consider is the Primos Buck Roar II Deer Call that allows the hunter to “make crisp, sharp grunts. Based on the popular original, but now with enhancements for even more fine-tuned calling. Primos re-positioned the barrel and reed, plus inserted a baffle in the wheeze, so you can easily create the sound of a challenging buck protecting its territory. The rotating wrist strap ensures the call is at the ready, whether at full draw, or when calling in a distant buck.”

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