Georgia Mentor Competition: Stacey Scarboro

Thomas Scarboro was properly trained and took his first deer.

Charles Evans | November 27, 2017

Mentor Background: Stacey Scarboro: “Born and raised in Georgia, hunting and fishing while growing up. I have started hunting again to make sure my children can have the same experiences I did enjoying the outdoors.”

Mentee Background: Thomas Scarboro: Stacey says, “Safe firearms training at home and recently completed his hunter-education certification.”

By Stacey Scarboro

I told Thomas and his younger brother (13) that before I would allow them the opportunity to harvest their first deer that I required they complete the hunter-safety course and become familiar with the gun they would use.

My 13-year-old started the online hunter-safety course and was lucky to get his first deer the weekend after passing his class. After seeing his younger brother complete the course and get his first deer motivated Thomas so much that he completed the course in two days. That resulted in us going hunting and him harvesting his first deer the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Sharing this experience with them has been so rewarding and has renewed my interest in deer hunting again after not doing it in a number of years.

Why Is Mentoring Important To You?

It’s important to pass along to the next generation the importance of hunting and fishing, and what it takes to ensure that these opportunities will be available for their children/grandchildren. Also important is the safety while being outdoors and always being prepared.


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