Georgia Mentor Competition: O.J. Greene

GON Staff | January 2, 2019

Mentor Background
O.J. Greene: Started hunting in 2012 and is president of a quality-managed deer club with seven members on 465 acres. He is primarily an archery deer hunter.

Mentee Background
Mark Watson, 35, works in upper education and is not originally from Georgia. He is an avid squirrel hunter but had never been deer hunting. He met O.J. through a QDMA sponsored program that is aimed toward new hunter recruiting.

By O.J. Greene
Mark and another new hunter named Dean came to our club for their first deer hunt. It was a blast. The first deer Mark saw he stood up and pointed out the window of the blind, a habit from squirrel hunting. We both got a good laugh. By the end of the weekend, Mark harvested his first deer, and we had tenderloins for lunch. It was a lot of fun, and we made lifelong memories.

Why Is Mentoring Is Important To Me
I enjoy the opportunity to mentor and give back what someone else did for me when I was new and learning the ropes. Our club’s culture fosters new hunter recruitment. The guy who got me into hunting is a member, and most of us have children we take hunting with us. I think every year, a new hunter has harvested their first deer on our club property, and it’s always as exciting as harvesting one myself (almost).

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