Alabama-Made Scent Patrol Eliminates Human Odor

GON Staff | December 7, 2015

Scent Patrol was developed by wildlife professionals after years of research. When used properly, even dogs cannot trail you. Human scent is totally eliminated, and Scent Patrol keeps you undetected by deer and other animals while hunting. When first used, Scent Patrol has a pleasant odor that disappears within 10 seconds, taking all your scent with it.

Scent Patrol targets and destroys your human scent and odors by eliminating the molecules that carry your scent. The ingredients used in this product are all natural and contain nothing harmful to you or the environment. It will not stain, and it easily washes away with soap and water.

Scent Patrol is sold in case quantities of 12, or you can buy just a single bottle to try.

To find out more, call (251) 599-4365.

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