photo of a deer killed by Michael Jordanphoto of a deer killed by Michael Jordanphoto of a deer killed by Michael Jordan

Hunter: Michael Jordan

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Sat Dec 03, PM hunt. I’m Michael Jordan and this is my kind of weather to hunt. Saturday December 03, well by lunchtime the transformation was complete from partly cloudy to a solid blanket of gray with steady misty rain. This pm hunt will be my best chance to see a mature buck. I know big bucks own the night but on dark rainy days we get a better chance he will drop his guard and come out early. I’ve often said to the youngsters at our Dooly County hunting club- “Twin beams” Boy’s we are hunting a nocturnal creature in the daylight, the odds are against us - so always hunt the shadows and dark places. To elaborate other than the rut when the big bucks drop their guard and go crazy to chase does. The next best thing we can hope for is a dark cold misty day. My hunting buddy Terry Phillips author of GON not so fictional story- and I will often team up to hunt these weather conditions. Over the years we have been very successful. Terry (TP) showed me a photo of this big 10-pointer, we named him “my buck” we think he’s 4 ½ - maybe 5 we talked and decided to give him another year to grow. But things change fast all of sudden a new photo shows up, shocking to see. He must have been in one hell of fight, deep grouch wounds on the left side of his head. A closer look reveals his left eye has been puncher by an antler. He is blind in the left eye. I told Terry with this kind of injury if he survives his rack won't ever be this good again. I’m gonna hunt him with my mussel loader. As TP and I say - it was textbook, 30 minutes before dark, on this dark rainy day he creeps out of the woods and stands like a statue in a small cluster of trees surveying the area. But with only one eye he didn’t see everything, because I was there on his blindside waiting. The old wise buck instinct told him not so fast it’s not dark yet. Darkness was quickly evaporating what little light there was. I searched the 75 yards between us for an opening and found a pathway for my 45-caliber mussel loader. A giant puff of smoke and a perfect heart shot ended his suffering and I bagged a beautiful 10-pointer. I guess now I can say that’s my buck.
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