photo of a deer killed by Hunter Brooksphoto of a deer killed by Hunter Brooksphoto of a deer killed by Hunter Brooks

Hunter: Hunter Brooks

Points: 10 (6L, 4R)

County: De Kalb

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I had been after two different bucks this year, this one I killed, and a 12-pointer. In this one location, we had been seeing these deer quite frequently and had been hunting several times and not seen either one. But on this particular day my brother and I had not seen anything for about three hours and he texted me and asked "Seen anything?", and I responded saying "no." But no later than ten seconds after I sent the text the 12-pointer started coming up the hill towards me, so I got my bow in my hand and got ready. This buck came 25 yards from me and stood behind two trees and I couldn't get a shot on him, then he circled away and left the location, and I was disappointed. But my brother was hunting away from me and he texted me and told me he had shot a doe and a decent 8-point buck, and I was happy for him. But then thirty minutes later all I see is a rack of horns coming towards me, so I got my bow ready and got into position again. This 10-pointer came the same way the 12-pointer did and was standing behind a tree, so I waited about five minutes for him to take one more step forward so I could get a clean shot, and he finally did. So now my heart is beating harder and faster the more I look at his deer, I finally draw back and shoot my first buck with a bow from 25 yards away. So now I am sitting and waiting for about 30 minutes, I get down and go help my brother find his deer he had shot. After that he and I started tracking my deer, at first we got lots of blood, but then the blood trail turned into almost microscopic drops, and we couldn't find anymore blood. So we backed out of the woods and left the deer overnight because it got too dark. So now I am a little disappointed again because we didn't find my deer, but then the next morning my mom and I went back to try and find this deer and we started finding a good amount of blood and the blood trail stopped again. Now I am just looking around for the body, to see if I can see any white from its belly. Then I looked over the side of this hill and when I saw this deer I was filled with excitement and overwhelmed with joy. The search for this deer was finally over!
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