photo of a deer killed by Andrew Sudderthphoto of a deer killed by Andrew Sudderthphoto of a deer killed by Andrew Sudderth

Hunter: Andrew Sudderth

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Gwinnett

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I got settled into my stand around 3:15 pm Saturday afternoon. Had my bow on the hanger as I typically do, and usually put it on my lap around 5 when I start seeing activity. At 4:30, I heard movement from behind me and sure enough it was this buck. I couldn’t move to get my bow off the hanger without spooking him so I had to watch him as he ate 10 yards in front of my stand. After about 5 minutes he lost interest in the attractant and went down the hill toward the creek but couldn’t get a shot on him. He stopped to rub his nose several times on limbs and then he was out of sight. Around 6 pm 3 bucks showed up and ate and I saw 4-5 different younger bucks feeding and rubbing their noses on limbs before this deer came back up the hill right around 7. This time I had my bow in my lap but couldn’t draw as he was so close to my stand. A smaller buck was bothering him and he turned to go back down the hill again. I knew I’d only have one opportunity to take a shot when he stepped out from behind a tree and I took it. He dropped immediately and let out a wild grunt. Hit a lung but must have also spined him as he couldn’t run but was able to crawl. I decided to back out and waited an hour before trying to retrieve him but he was still alive so I had to put another arrow in him and I was able to retrieve him after about 2 hours from the first arrow. Luckily, he stayed in sight the whole time. Crazy hunt but glad I got him!
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